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The mission of Peak Quality Services is to facilitate the rapid deployment of a Six Sigma Business Strategy within healthcare organizations. This is achieved through a systematic, broad, and comprehensive approach to organizational change driven by participation and accountability at all levels and emphasis on measurable and sustainable process improvements.

To support our mission we assist our clients in every phase of Six Sigma deployment. Our specialization in healthcare provides a unique form of support to include Six Sigma Healthcare Connections. Our broad experience supports an accelerated deployment with rapid return on investment.

Listed below are some of the services we have provided to healthcare organizations:

  • Leadership Familiarization and Alignment
  • Rapid Deployment Template
  • Project Selection and Prioritization Tools
  • Workshops and Materials for:
    • Champions
    • Black Belts
    • Green Belts
    • Clinical and Administrative Staff
  • Specialized Workshops:
    • CME for Physician Staff
    • Familiarization for Board of Directors
  • Mentorship/Coaching for Project Managers
  • Networking through Six Sigma Healthcare Connections


To support delivery of these services, Peak Quality Services has a robust portfolio of materials:

  • Implementation Templates
  • Well-respected Textbooks*
  • Detailed Instructional Workshop Guides
  • Very User-Friendly Software Tools*
    • SPC XL Software to support exercises by graphically illustrating the results of process changes
    • DOE KISS Software for intuitive and highly graphical approach to support experimental design applications
  • Educational & Team-building Exercises
    • Statapult Exercises to introduce variance reduction tools and designed experiments for defect reduction
    • Hiring Exercise for transactional training on variance reduction tools for defect reduction
    • Clinical FMEA exercise to enhance communication and quickly identify and prioritize areas for improvement
* Note: Worldwide sales of the texts and software exceed 100,000 copies.

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