Black-Belt Champion Green-Belt Breakthrough ROI
6-Sigma Quality for the Healthcare industry
Black-Belt Champion Green-Belt Breakthrough ROI
"Eventually most hospitals will adopt the Six Sigma methodology."

What motivated the president of JCAHO, Dr. Dennis O'Leary, to make such a broad statement at a quality in healthcare conference in 2003? Over the past few years, Six Sigma efforts in healthcare have demonstrated the power to go beyond traditional healthcare process improvement techniques. While its roots are in manufacturing settings, Six Sigma also addresses the complexity of healthcare processes. Satisfaction of a variety of customers, both internal and external to the organization, is critical to clinical and financial success.

Peak Quality Services has a proven record of success!

Our successes start with the accelerated application of Six Sigma in healthcare. Our breadth of experience includes large and small organizations. Key to rapid deployment is application of PQS' unique implementation template. The focus is to recognize the key strategic imperatives for the organization. These often include mandates to make measurable improvements in: Quality of Care, Patient Satisfaction, Human Resources, Partnerships with Providers, Finance, and Growth. All of PQS' clients have experienced a large return on investment - in one case a 30 to 1 ROI in the first year of application.

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